Drip Conversions

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Drip Conversions

Drip irrigation systems have numerous benefits: healthier plants, increased water conservation, and a decreased water bill, to name a few. But if you already have a sprinkler system in place, is it possible to make the switch!

The answer is yes! As a sprinkler company, Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape is a Localscapes and Utah Water Savers approved provider. We are experts in conversions and will work with you to make sure your landscaping gets the water it needs to create the oasis of your dreams.

Not sure if you’re ready to make the switch to drip irrigation? Here are just a few reasons to do so.

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Water Effectively

This beautiful garden benefits from drip irrigations with Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape - a sprinkler company near you.

With drip irrigation, you’re able to place precise amounts of water where they’re needed. Trees, shrubs, flowers and grass all have different water needs, so a regular sprinkler system that distributes the same amount of water everywhere won’t cut it. Some flowers are even sensitive to water droplets from sprinklers and can become damaged.

By watering effectively and with precision, you won’t overwater any of your plants. No overwatering means plants are less susceptible to fungus and other diseases. With no extra water going where you don’t want it to, you’re also less likely to deal with weeds.

Last, but definitely not least, watering effectively means using less water overall. On average, water usage decreases between 30–50%, in part because drip irrigation systems deliver water right to the source so there’s less evaporation. Not only does this help you do your part in water conservation—it helps save you money.

Save Time

To save time and money on a big garden like this, look into drip conversions with Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape.

Drip conversions eliminate the need to spend hours of your day moving around a hose or carrying around a watering can. You can easily automate drip irrigation systems to water during the most advantageous hours of the day for as long as necessary, and automating your system means it will still work while you’re out of town.

Many drip irrigation systems utilize sensors to detect when soil has received enough water, so they’ll automatically shutoff. This works when its rains, too, so you never have to worry about yoru plants being overwaterd.

Of course, another major timesaver is the reduced weeding. Like mentioned previously, more targeted watering results in less weeds, which means less time weeding for you.

Create a Thriving Landscape

This beautiful landscape is possible through drip irrigation systems with Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape, saving the owners time and money.

Drip irrigation systems aren’t just good for your plants—they’re good for the soil. By watering effectively and detecting when soil has received enough moisture, drip irrigation helps prevent soil erosion, contributing to the overall health and look of your landscaping.

Whether your landscaping is simple or complex, you need an irrigation system that’s right for you. We’ve all witnessed ineffective, wasteful irrigation systems where walkways seem to receive more water than plants. If you’re looking for a company to install right irrigation system for your landscape, look no further. Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape will design an irrigation system that works for your landscape and actually waters it.

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